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Presentation skills
Speak as well as you dream

Course Overview

During the workshop you will deliver 2 short presentations and receive constructive feedback from your peers and the Trainer. You will also give one or more unprepared presentations following instruction on structuring and preparing and you will develop a presentation self-improvement action plan. DVD recordings will be used in this program for giving constructive feedback during practice sessions.

Designed for: Professionals who makes presentations to supervisors, colleagues, or customers

Your gain
By the end of this course, participants will be able to;
1- Speak to groups with greater confidence and professionalism.
2- Plan and prepare their presentations more effectively.
3- Speak with confidence to handle difficult people and difficult topics
4- Make some tricks of the trade to enhance your delivery and engage any audience.

Duration: 24 hours/ 3 days


• Know the needs of your audience
• Overcoming the barriers
• Setting objectives
• Structuring Your Presentation: The Beginning, the Middle & the End
• Generation of Ideas for Your Presentation
• The Essentials of an Effective Presentation
• Rehearsal for delivery and timings

During presentation
• Preparation of the Venue
• Exercises to build confidence and warm up your voice
• Creating an immediate impression
• Using eye contact to build confidence and rapport
• Developing a more expressive voice
• Exercises to develop more conviction in the voice
• Exercises for a more assertive delivery style
• Positive language and appropriate body language

• The final touches
• Strategies to Organize Your Talk
• The Use of Questions in Presentations
• Use effective and appropriate visual aids

The Challenging Audience
• Managing the question and answer session
• Dealing with difficult questions
• Formulating a personal action plan

Advanced Presentation Skills

Course Overview: an intensive and highly interactive two-day training course to help ensure you get the most from every presentation opportunity.
Designed for:
Managers, department heads, team leaders and supervisors, any experienced presenter who wants to excel with his presentations to achieve more results

Your gain:
By the end of this program, you will be able to
• Acquire more confidence, and a greater ability to deliver top notch presentations
• Deal confidently with interruptions and challenging situations
• Identify your improvement areas and practice to overcome your challenges
• Win the trust of your audience – open doors and get results
• Understand your own communication strengths, and enhance them using tools and techniques for stronger communication
• Have more confidence when presenting to large and small number of audiences
Duration: 16 hours/ 2 days

• Self-analysis of current presentation style
• Controlling nervous energy
• Developing a more confident , convincing, and greater range of expression in the voice to Influence your audience
• Analysis of your visual impact on the audience
• Using body language to build audience rapport
• Developing your unique presentation style and Applying structure and style effectively
• Preparing a presentation within a strict time constraint
• Establishing the key message
• Gaining your audience’s attention and interest
• Adapting material to the needs of the audience
• Delivery of a set presentation to a given audience
• ’Dos’ & ‘Don’ts’ For Presentations
Taking control of your audience
• Tips on delivering to large and small audiences
• Managing audience expectations
• Dealing with difficult audiences
• A way of approaching your presentation that doesn’t require you to go through it slide by slide
• Creativity and ‘Out of the box’ thinking to create a top notch presentation
Handling Difficult Questions
• Tools to stay confident and professional when you don’t know the answer
• dealing with questions as an opportunity
Individual assessment of progress achieved and Personal action plans
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