Body Language

A very interesting workshop that makes you aware of your own non-verbal signals, and will show you how to use these signals to communicate effectively and how to get the reactions you want

Designed for:
This workshop is useful for sales people, negotiators, mangers, parents and for everyone who wants to understand why people use some of the behaviors they do

Duration: 3 hours

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

Make a positive impressions on others
Get cooperation easily from other people
Interview and negotiate successfully
Understand how to choose a partner


Understanding the basics
The power is in your hands
The magic of smiles and laughter
Arm signals
Cultural differences
Eye signals
Space invaders-territories and personal space

Mirroring- How we build Rapport

Video courses to build new skills from start to finish.

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Amber Ivy (Grancie Company)

*Courses can be conducted in English and/or in Arabic, or in any other language

*Courses can be attested from knowledge and Human Development Authority at nominal fees

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