Objective Setting

Current strategic planning is necessary to the future triumph of any business. However, most strategic planning is deficient in vision. It is simply a straight-line extrapolation of the past into the future. In a world where the pace of change is greater than ever before this is at best shortsighted and at worst a prescription for disaster. Current strategic planning is about positioning the organization for a future which will be different from the past. This new seminar will focus on strategic planning as the essential management system guiding the organization into the future by setting focused goals that will establish and enhance competitiveness.

Designed for:

Managers in any part of the business who wish to take a wider view of the potential of the business for the future
Operational managers/specialists who wish to obtain other experiences in the sphere of business approach
All managers/specialists responsible for setting team goals/targets and for managing teams in implementation of strategic and operating plans

Duration: 1 day / 08 hours

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Learn how to combine visionary, analytical and creative thinking
Understand the global business environment of the 21st century
Learn how to make choices in making best use of finite resources
Develop improved readiness to deal with contingencies
Learn how to set challenging, realistic and achievable targets
Learn how to measure performance and achieve progress


The Strategic Planning development
a. Structure and Content
b. Strategy – concept and significance
c. Attaining competitive advantage through flexibility and agility
d. Strategy, structure and business processes
e. Information Gathering for the analysis
f. Mini-cases and group discussion – “Cost versus Differentiation”
g. Vision and mission statements – preparing for the future
h. Business analysis and contingency planning
i. Strategic choice
j. Strategy Matrix
k. Strategy formulation – programs projects, policies
l. Changing the organization – strategy implementation and managing change
m. Major strategic re-orientation
Assessing current state of the business
a. Leadership and management in relation to strategy
b. Human resources and knowledge management
c. Building a strategic planning team
d. Effective process management to achieve business results
e. Monitoring and measuring business performance
f. Group Discussion
Avoiding the hazards of strategic development
a. The strategy life-cycle and the problem of strategic drift
b. Getting innovative thinking into the organization
c. The potentially negative dimensions of success
d. How to avoid “paralysis by analysis”
e. Overcoming inability to evaluate fresh ideas, denying the truth and thinking inside the box
f. The critical importance of teambuilding and teamwork
Personal strategic development
a. Applying strategic tools and techniques to the individual
b. Personal goal setting, creating a personal strategic plan
c. Implementing change – achieving progress as a strategic manager
d. The mix of proficiencies and personal skills required in 21st century industry
e. Executing strategy – how to break it down and get it done
f. Increasing inspiration and gathering support
g. Overcoming adversity by leveraging your skills and building on success
h. Conclusion – a personal role in the strategic planning and goal setting processes

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*Courses can be conducted in English and/or in Arabic, or in any other language

*Courses can be attested from knowledge and Human Development Authority at nominal fees

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