Develop a strategic, data-driven approach to digital content creation and distribution. Study the principles of effective storytelling, and learn how stories can be used to engage your audience. Understand the user journey and experience so you can create the right content for the most relevant channels and platforms. Use analytics tools to refine your content strategy and measure its success

Designed for:

Those who have to present and communicate with passion and engage directly with peoples feelings
Marketing professionals, content strategists, managers, producers, communications, advertising and public relations professionals
Professional speakers, lecturers and teachers

Duration: 2 days / 16 hours

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

Discover their own innate storytelling ability
To de-mystify storytelling
To bring facts and figures to life
Identify storytelling techniques to create compelling examples
To use story structure to make presentations dynamic
To create buy-in using storytelling elements
Weaving their story into a business presentation


Understand the communication process
The importance of telling a story (Why stories matter?)
How organizations use storytelling to achieve results (Who tells stories?)
Type of stories
Where to find stories
Storytelling techniques
Storytelling media, oral storytelling ( prepare and deliver)
Storytelling resources

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Amber Ivy (Grancie Company)

*Courses can be conducted in English and/or in Arabic, or in any other language

*Courses can be attested from knowledge and Human Development Authority at nominal fees

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