Adobe flash


Adobe flash

Adobe Flash is a multimedia program and web standard for integrating vector graphics and animation into web sites. It is used to create content such as web applications, games and movies. It is also used to add graphics, animation, interactivity, sound and video to a web site or to create standalone applications and presentations.

From AED1,850.00


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create custom Flash animations using frame-by-frame,
  • Create tweening animation through the use of graphics (custom and imported) text, animations, video, and sound




  • File Types, Workflows & Delivery Options
  • Native Flash Documents, Shockwave Flash Documents (SWF)
  • Web Delivery, Standalone Projector Delivery
  • Adobe Integrated Runtime Apps
  • Story Boards, Navigation mapping, Frame Rates
  • Advertising Banner Specs & sizes
  • Integration with Illustrator and Photoshop

Work Space

  • Previewing
  • Testing
  • Publishing

Working with Assets

  • Bitmaps and Images, Sound, Video
  • Shapes & drawing tools overview, Groups and Primitives
  • Strokes, Fills, Gradients, Patterns and Transparency (Alpha), Components
  • Typography (text)


  • Understanding components
  • Working with components
  • Locating online components
  • Component properties

Symbol Theory

  • Library Panel, Properties and Property Inspector
  • Creating and Editing Symbols
  • Symbol Instances, Colour Effects, Blends, Filters
  • Transformation, 3D Transformation

Creating Animation

  • Time Lines, Layers and Layer Folders
  • Frames, Keyframes
  • Shape Tweening, Classic Tweening, Motion Tweening
  • Animating Position, Pace, Timing
  • The Motion Editor, Motion Presets, 3D Motion

Creating Navigation

  • ClickThroughs, Buttons Symbols
  • Simple ActionScript, Code Snippets, Loading Movies, Jumping to frames, Linking to URLs

Adobe Media Encoder


  • Bandwidth Profiling
  • Metadata
  • Optimising Images and sound


Course Duration: 30 hours


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