Body Language and Lie Detection


Body Language and Lie Detection

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A very interesting workshop that makes you aware of your own non-verbal signals, and will show you how to use these signals to communicate effectively and how to get the reactions you want

Designed for:

This workshop is useful for salespeople, negotiators, managers, parents and for everyone who wants to understand why people use some of the behaviors they do


Duration:8 hours

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Make a positive impression on others
  • Get cooperation easily from other people
  • Interview and negotiate successfully
  • Understand how to choose a partner


  • Introduction
  • Understanding the basics
  • The power is in your hands
  • The magic of smiles and laughter
  • Arm signals
  • Cultural differences
  • Eye signals
  • Space invaders-territories and personal space
  • Mirroring- How we build Rapport
  • How the face reveals the Truth
  • Eight of the most common lying gestures
  • Evaluating the lying interviewee
  • The double meaning


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