Eclipse and Java for beginers


Eclipse and Java for beginers

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Create Your First Java Class

  • Create Java project in Eclipse
  • Create Java package
  • Introduce classes and objects, naming conventions
  • Write a simple Java class (Person)

Add Methods To Class

  • Introduce Eclipse Views and Perspectives
  • Introduce Eclipse user interface — drag / drop, context menus, help
  • Add get and set methods to Person class

Use Eclipse Scrapbook

  • Introduce Eclipse Scrapbook
  • Introduce Java expressions, statements
  • Discuss Java packages
  • Create Person object in Scrapbook

JUnit Testing in Eclipse, Part 1

  • Create test source folder
  • Create PersonTest class
  • Run first JUnit test

JUnit Testing Continued

  • Test Person class — part 2
  • Create test methods for constructor, getName, and getMaximumBooks
  • Static methods

Using Test-First Development in Eclipse

  • Use test-first approach to write the Person toString() method
  • Method overriding
  • Field Hiding

Create Book Class

  • Create BookTest before creating Book class
  • Test Book constructor
  • Create get and set methods

Add Person to Book Class

  • Create a relationship between the Book class and the Person Class
  • Test getPerson method
  • Create JUnit Test Suite

MyLibrary Class and ArrayList

  • How can we hold books, etc. in a collection?
  • MyLibrary object to hold Person & Entry objects
  • Introduce ArrayList  in scrapbook
  • Introduce Java Generics
  • Method chaining

Start on MyLibrary Class

  • Create MyLibraryTest JUnit test
  • Create testMyLibrary to test MyLibrary constructor
  • Create MyLibrary constructor
  • Introduce instanceof operator
  • Introduce assertTrue method

Create first methods in MyLibrary class

  • Create test method for addBook, removeBook methods
  • Create addBook, removeBook methods and test
  • Create addPerson, removePerson methods
  • Introduce Eclipse refactoring — move local variable to field

Create checkOut, checkIn Methods

  • Create test for checkOut, checkIn methods
  • Write checkout method
  • Introduce if / then / else syntax
  • Introduce boolean method
  • Write checkIn method

Continue checkOut Method

  • Test checkOut, checkIn methods
  • Fix compiler error — misplaced {}
  • Add test for maximum books
  • Create test for getBooksForPerson() method
  • Refactoring — extract method

Finish checkOut Method

  • Write getBooksForPerson method
  • Introduce for each loop
  • Introduce logical ‘and’ operator &&
  • NullPointerException errors
  • Complete checkOut Method

Finish MyLibrary Methods

  • Create test for getAvailableBooks
  • Create getAvailableBooks
  • Create getUnavailableBooks

Create main Method and JAR File

  • Introduce main method
  • Write a main method
  • Run MyLibrary as Java application
  • Export to JAR file and run from Windows

Course Duration: 30  hours


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