Expert Android App development


Expert Android App development

From AED1,850.00


Course Overview

Explore Layout Animations, Tablet based layouts, twitter, Google maps, sensors, face book APIs, Google cloud messaging, Security, Touch, Device administration, and App testing

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, learner will be able to:

  • Comprehend Android Tablet app & Tab Bar
  • Comprehend the Dynamic Fragments Handle page navigation
  • Debug Web Apps Integrate android app with facebook
  • Comprehend Android Advance Functionalities
  • Comprehend the Android platform service
  • Comprehend the Service and activity communication
  • Comprehend the Java Native Interface
  • Comprehend Android security architecture
  • Comprehend Application signing
  • Comprehend the User IDs and file system
  • Test guidelines: why test and what to test Outline of Device Administration API
  • Comprehend the Support policies Develop a Device Administration App Manage and enforce policies Deploy app on Google Play Store

Designed for

  • Android professionals who want to design advance applications where developers can create powerful android applications

Course Contents:

1. 2D Animations

  • Frame-by-Frame Animation o Planning for Frame-by-Frame Animation o Creating
  • the Activity o Adding Animation to the Activity
  • Layout Animation o Basic Tweening Animation Types
  • View Animation o Understanding View Animation o Adding Animation
  • Property Animations: The New Animation API o Property Animation

2. Packages and Library projects

  • Packages and Processes o Details of a Package Specification o Translating the
  • Package Name to a Process Name o Listing Installed Packages o Deleting a Package
  • Through the Package Browser o Revisiting the Package Signing Process o A Pattern
  • for Understanding Digital Signatures
  • Sharing Data Among Packages o The Nature of Shared User IDs


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