Improve Your Memory Training


Improve Your Memory Training

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This memory training course will share with you some of the key strategies for sharpening your memory which you can apply anywhere. Don’t struggle through life with a bad memory

By the end this course participants will be able to:

  • Remember more – never forget facts, figures, a name or a face
  • Increase knowledge management
  • Improve your learning effectiveness
  • Deliver presentations without notes

Designed for:

For learners and for anyone who feels that his memory lets him down and wants to create a better impression on others

Duration: 1 day

Course Outline:

Memory Problems

  • Understanding how and why we forget
  • Knowing what we need to change

Memory Principles and Rhythms

  • Insight into the different types of memory, how it works and how to remember during and after learning
  • Looking is more than just seeing
  • The importance of relaxation
  • Use the power of your right brain
  • Learn to study easily and effectively
  • The value of reading

Practical Strategies

  • Techniques for developing the ability to remember


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