Media Spokesperson Training


Media Spokesperson Training

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This course is designed to teach participants how all sectors of the media operate. It also covers how to deal with journalists and how to be an effective spokesperson .

By the end this course participants will be able to:
  • Learn how to speak in a way that people take notice
  • Clearly and concisely define your key messages
  • Develop prepared responses to difficult questions
  • Ways to control different interview situations
  • Effective message delivery and actionable steps that can be applied right away
  • Building confidence and comfort to come across as credible
  • Avoiding common interview pitfalls
  • Learn to control the media interview
Course Duration: 2 days / 16 hours

Course Outline

  • How to develop media messages
  • How to stay ‘on-message’
  • The importance of staying ‘on message’
  • The importance of concise message delivery
  • The importance of jargon-free message delivery
  • Social media messaging
  • How to ensure your media messages reach your audience
  • How to ensure your media messages achieve your objective
  • ‘Media grabs’ or ‘quotes’ – why they are so important
  • The importance of not straying from your area/issues
  • How to deliver media messages with confidence
  • How to deliver media messages naturally
  • Why different media interviews require different strategies
  • How to take control of a media interview
  • How to take control of difficult media interviews
  • How to look professional for TV interviews
  • How to sound professional for radio interview
  • How to look professional for a print media photograph
  • Avoiding social media pitfalls
  • How to deal with nerves
  • How to deal with difficult questions or issues
  • How to deal with questions you can’t answer


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