MS Excel Beginner


MS Excel Beginner

Excel 2010 can be a very intimidating task. Learners can quickly become overwhelmed with the thousands of possibilities for organizing information. As well, transforming data into a workbook can be a critical step to streamlining business practices, and users need to know how to do it correctly.

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Course Outline

  • Starting Out
  • What is Microsoft Office Excel 2010?
  • What’s New in Excel 2010?
  • About Workbook
  • Exploring your Workbook
  • Getting Help with Excel
  • The Excel Interface
  • The Quick Access Toolbar and File Menu
  • The Home Tab, The Insert Tab,The Page Layout Tab,The Formulas Tab,The Data
  • Tab,The Review Tab
  • Excel Basics
  • Working with Excel
  • Basic Excel Features
  • Moving your Data
  • Custom Actions and Options Buttons
  • Editing Tool
  • Editing your Workbook
  • Modifying Cells and Data
  • Cell Formatting
  • Enhancing a Worksheet’s Appearance
  • Working with Charts
  • Printing and Viewing your Workbook
  • Using the View Tab
  • Managing a Single Window
  • Managing Multiple Windows
  • Printing your Workbook

Course Duration: 1 day /  08 hours


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