MS Powerpoint Advanced


MS Powerpoint Advanced

This course is designed for users that have been self taught on PowerPoint or whom have attended beginner’s course. The course covers more advanced tools and running multiple presentations.

From AED1,850.00


Your Gain:

  • Create Multiple Masters.
  • Import / Link Data.
  • Advanced Animation.
  • Advanced Slide Show Techniques.
  • Actions Settings.

Course Outline

Drawings Skills

  • The Insert Ribbon
  • Draw basic shapes freehand
  • Create and format shapes
  • Work with Guides and grid
  • Align & Distribute Objects
  • Flip and Rotate
  • Order & group Objects
  • Using the Freeform drawing tool and Edit Points

Multi-media, Linked and Embedded Objects

  • Insert movies and sound files.
  • Link Data from Word and Excel.
  • Compress pictures to reduce file size.
  • Video and sound file options.

Slide Show Preparation

  • Rehearse the timing of a Presentation
  • Slide Navigator
  • Add Controls with actions to navigate a slide show
  • Customizing Action Buttons
  • Recording narration

Speaker Notes and Handouts

  • Enter notes in Notes Page View
  • Edit notes master
  • Send Slides to Word to Create Handouts
  • Edit hand-outs master
  • Add speaker notes during slideshow

Presenting With PowerPoint

  • Setting up slideshow options (Automatic / Manual)
  • Broadcasting slideshow


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