MS Word Beginner


MS Word Beginner

If you are a new or self-taught user on MS Word, then this course will be perfect. The course covers all topics required to produce documents that not only looks good, but is well structured.

From AED1,850.00


Your Gain:

  • Create New Documents
  • Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Create Bullet and Numbering Lists
  • Perform Page Setup
  • Printing Documents


You must have basic computer usage skills to get the most from this course.

Course Duration:

08 hours

Course Outline

Word Basics

  • Word Overview – the User Interface,
  • Quick Access and Mini Toolbar
  • Standard & Contextual Ribbons
  • The back stage view
  • Opening and selecting folders
  • Using Help

Basic MS Word Usage and Text tools

  • Creating new blank documents
  • Saving, closing and opening Documents
  • Protecting documents
  • Selection techniques (keyboard + mouse)
  • Navigating documents
  • Spell Check, Thesaurus

Format Your Document

  • Applying Font formats – Changing font type, size, color, special effects, character spacing
  • Changing the default font for all new documents
  • Using Paragraph formats and Line spacing
  • Applying borders and shading
  • Using Cut, Copy and Paste
  • Using the find command
  • Text alignment and indentation

Bullets & Numbering

  • Turning on Bullets
  • Creating & editing bulleted list styles
  • Changing bullet types and formatting
  • Turning on Numbered Lists
  • Changing numbering types



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