Risk and Crisis Management


Risk and Crisis Management

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This course is designed to increase the chance of maintaining the stability of the organization during and after a crisis through training the senior managers responsible of Crisis Management Department and to prepare the Crisis Management Team to overcoming the difficult tasks they will confront in this situation

Designed for:

  • Senior managers of crisis management department of any organization.
  • Existing and new personnel of Crisis Managing Team of any organization.
  • Government representatives involved in Crisis Management.
  • Anyone interested to know about Crisis Management.

Duration:   2 days / 16 hours

By the end of this course,  learners will be able to:

  • Identify the crisis root cause.
  • Provide an early and accurate report for the crisis.
  • Analyze the qualitative and quantitative risks occurring.
  • Master intelligent and effective methodology to overcome the crisis.
  • Set action plans.
  • Learn Strategic Thinking and Lateral thinking.
  • Be a successful decision maker during the difficult situations



  • Introduction to Crisis Management
  • Definition of crisis and identifying the roots of crisis
  • Basic knowledge of crisis management and why do we need crisis management?
  • Crisis Management Planning Methodology
  • Necessity of a crisis management
  • Identifying the points of strength and weakness in the organization
  • Establishing a strong communication network between all the organization’s departments
  • Building an excellent coordination with external business-related agencies and institutes
  • Effective crisis report writing, crisis leadership and team building
  • Corporate case studies
  • Training the Crisis Management Team
  • Forming your team
  • Preparation for a crisis training
  • Periodical revision of the organization’s resources.
  • Crisis checklist definition and procedures.
  • Preparing self action plan for future development
  • Managing Media
  • Practical Training for a Crisis Management


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