Successful Selling Skills


Successful Selling Skills

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A very interactive workshop designed to provide new salespeople with the essential techniques to understand the sales process, overcome problems during their work to close more sales and exceed their targets.

Designed for:

  • Existing salespeople and business-to-business salesperson with no formal training who need the best possible understanding of the sales process
  • Telesales people
  • Anyone thinking of sales as a career
  • This course is not for experienced sales people

Duration:   20  hours

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify your preferred Selling Style and increase your flexibility to adapt larger range of buyer’s styles
  • Master sales techniques in difficult selling situations
  • Guide the customer through the conversation to identify key needs
  • Present your products that solve the customer needs
  • Prepare for sales presentations and calls and build a sales kit of tools
  • Respond creatively to sales objections and difficult customers
  • Develop questioning models for customers to buy by choice
  • Make effective cold calls that produce appointments
  • Differentiate both your company and your salespeople from the competition
  • Make your own personal development plan


  • Principles of Selling
  • Using Non-verbal communication effectively
  • The skills of high-performing salespeople
  • Know the market you’re selling to
  • Knowing your products/ services and prepare to meet all your client’s objectives
  • Sales Process and what do you need to achieve at each stage before moving to the next stage (Greeting, Probing, etc.)
  • How to close the sale Successfully


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