VISIO 2013 Expert


VISIO 2013 Expert

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Creating Custom Stencils

  • Creating a New Stencil
  • Adding Shapes to a Stencil, Removing Shapes from Stencils
  • Deleting a Stencil

Creating Master Shapes

  • Creating Master Shapes, Renaming Master Shapes
  • Editing a Master Shape, Deleting a Master Shape

Working with Master Shapes

  • Editing Master Shape Properties
  • Adding Master Shapes to a Stencil
  • Modifying Master Shape Icons
  • Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes with Master Shapes

Creating Shape Reports

  • Viewing Existing Reports, Creating a New Report
  • Modifying Reports, Deleting Reports

Using Comments

  • Adding Comments
  • Navigating and Viewing Comments
  • Editing Comments, Deleting Comments

Using Markup Tools

  • Marking Up a Diagram with Ink
  • Adding the Markup Command to the Ribbon
  • Enabling Track Markup and the Reviewing Pane
  • Deleting Markup

Using Ink Tools

  • Using the Pen or Highlighter
  • Configuring Pen and Highlighter Appearance
  • Erasing Marks, Closing Ink Mode

Adding Legends

  • Adding a Legend, Editing Legend Text
  • Adding Shapes to a Legend, Removing a Legend

Creating a Template

  • Creating a New Template
  • Saving a Template File
  • Using a Template, Editing a Template

Getting Started with PivotDiagrams

  • Creating a PivotDiagram
  • Adding Categories, Adding Totals
  • Showing and Hiding PivotDiagram Elements

Editing a PivotDiagram

  • Applying Shapes, Moving Shapes
  • Collapsing and Expanding Shapes
  • Promoting and Demoting Shapes
  • Merging and Unmerging Shapes

Working with PivotDiagrams

  • Sorting Data, Changing the Direction of the Diagram
  • Aligning Shapes in the Diagram
  • Using the Re-Layout Command
  • Editing Data for Individual Shapes

Course Duration: 15  hours


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