Windows Phone Development


Windows Phone Development

From AED1,850.00


This course focuses on the fundamentals of programming for mobile phones . Along with application development, the business model of the Windows App Store and Windows Phone Market will be explored.


Your Gain:

  • Understand the programming environment for application development and will have a hands-on approach to programming using the appropriate programming languages.
  • Produce functional applications at the end of the course

Course Outline


Module 1: Introduction
  • What is Windows Phone development? And what are the required tools?
  • Installing the tools and creating the development environment
  • Introduction to Visual Studio and its different sections
  • Introduction to Blend and its different sections
  • Introduction to C Sharp and its basic structure
  • Creating your first Windows Mobile Application
Module 2: Interfaces
  • xaml Introduction
  • Creating User interface using xaml
  • Understanding the Components of a Screen
  • Different techniques to make User Interfaces
Module 3: Views
  • Creating the List Views
  • Using Basic Views and Picker Views
  • Displaying Pictures
  • Alert Views / Notifications
  • Using Image Views to Display Pictures


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